Some fanart

Have any nice drawings of Nicholas, fan fictions (stories) or anything else related to his movies and personas? Scantily clad, or just plain scandalous, by all means post it here!

Postby JoannePegg » Mon May 02, 2005 2:45 am

finky_cake wrote:Wow, you just keep dishing them out and they're all great! (Why isn't there an emoticon drinking tea, giving the thumbs up?)

What do you use to draw them? Looks quite charcoaly

Thanks, mate!

I use a normal pen. They look like that because of the scanning.

I've also made a Martin Freeman drawing, I'll scan it later.
Right now I'm working on a Bill Bailey drawing. And maybe more
Dylan Moran pics later. And Nick Frost, musn't forget him!
Oh, and Peter Serafinowicz.. Wow, I've got some work to do! :lol:
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