FunDead Sequel?

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FunDead Sequel?

Postby Alighero » Mon Sep 12, 2005 7:45 pm

yes there will be a sequel, it has been confirmed and it will be waaaay better quality then the last, the last was kinda my first forray into the film but now i know how not to make a movie... and if you have any questions about it then please ask... here is what has been confirmed:

1. The main character will be female
2. It will happen during the same time as the other
3. The original cast will all be zombies and the new cast will be human
4. The title will probably be 28 1/2 Days Previously
5. There will be three antiheros as the main humans
6. It will be more actiony and funnier and higher quality then the last

So ask away...
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