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THE WORLD'S END and other non-endy stuff

Postby Thomas » Thu Jul 25, 2013 11:49 am

Many days late, and many dollars short, we are on the cusp of watching the final entry in the fan-dubbed "Cornetto Trilogy".

Currently playing in UK theaters, and due in just a month (August 23) over here in America, the courageous trio are doing the "Last Call Tour" involving screenings, Q&As, and more. Take the time out of your day to subscribe to some World's End social media and get in the flow and hype of what should be another great date night with your guys and gals.

Most recently and relevant, Nick was on Conan's late night show discussing the movie, grabbing crotches, and gracing the cover of All-American Bear magazine (Probably don't want to google that at work...).

On a more unrelated note, you may notice that the last post date was almost an entire year ago, making the site extremely outdated. I started this site in roughly 2004, the time when the first film, and Nick's launch pad, Shaun of the Dead, first came out. It's amazing to see the reach that Nick has made amongst fans, and his career since then. As I was a mere youngin then (or just turning adult-like physically), times have changed and it has become much harder to dedicate the time towards this page. I have noticed many other new outlets for getting some Frosty goodness, but with this new movie, I feel more that now is a good time towards improving and creating a much better and modern central hub for those interested in following this amazing actor, and person.

I haven't stopped being a fangirl towards Nick, and neither should you. Thank you for reading, and following, and I hope to see you when the dust settles.

- T

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