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FROSTITUTION Q&A - Exclusive Interview!

Postby Thomas » Mon Aug 27, 2007 1:12 am

I've had this in the works for a bit now, and it's finally got the green light. Today I announce that there will be a little online Q&A with Nick Frost for this very site! Before I get into the details, let me do my cool intro I had lined up:
Disappointed you missed the Hot Fuzztivals?

Couldn't make it to Comic-Con?

Just want to ask that one question you've had unanswered for a while?

Well now's your chance! Starting today, and up to 6:00PM EST August 31th, I am giving you the opportunity to submit a question you would like to ask Nick Frost. That should give you enough time to think of a question to ask. There is no set subject, you can ask whatever you want, use your imagination! Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Hyperdrive, anything goes!

When the sign-ups are over, I will go through and select 25 questions, and pass them on. Nick will then answer them, and I will post the answers on this site for everyone to read.

Does that sound like a good deal? Because this is all totally last minute and I'm doing the best I can. Besides, if this turns out to be a success, I'm sure we can do more in the future. You do want this to be a success, don't you?

Good. Feel free to discuss this on the forums, and put your thinking caps on.

Questions can be submitted to

UPDATE: Date extended to end of the week - August 31
Sigh. You really don't like anything, do you Thomas?

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