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Free Hyperdrive Collector's Card

Postby Thomas » Thu Aug 16, 2007 1:09 am

Here's something that came out of left field. Kevin decided to drop by the forums (you do remember we have those, right?) and post about a little post-release celebration him and Andy are doing. Here are the details from his post:


To celebate the commencification of the release of Hyperdrive series one and two on DVD, we are offering a FREE Alien Spotting card for anyone who writes to us. Each one will feature a unique alien, hand drawn (well scribbled) by Andy 'Bunny Suicides' Riley with its own name, and will be individually numbered and signed by Andy Riley & Kevin Cecil. It will be an heirloom you will cherish for generations.

To get one either buy a Hyperdrive DVD or promise to ask for one for Shoe Giving Day or the gifting occasion of your choice. Then send an A5 Stamped Addressed Envelope to

Andy & Kevin
Unit 602 Oxford House, Oxford Road
London N4 3EY
United Kingdom

If you live abroad the SAE thing won't work, so just write in and we'll send you one until we run out of money.

No proof of purchase required. This promotion is being run entirely by Andy & Kevin so don't please don't complain to the BBC or 2 Entertain if we run off with your stamps. Offer ends 30 September but will be extended if we feel like it.

Good deal there, I think. If you're interested, just send a letter off and wait for your very own alien to arrive at your doorstep! Also, feel free to drop by the forum and leave a comment or two about your thoughts of Series 2, or the DVD itself.
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