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Region-Free DVDs on the Cheap

Postby Thomas » Wed Apr 25, 2007 12:27 am

Some people have just seen Hot Fuzz for the first time, having not heard of Shaun of the Dead. Some people may have know about Shaun of the Dead, and seen Hot Fuzz. Some people may not even know about Spaced. With this latest news post, I hope to educate you on how you can watch some of the shows unavailable here in the states.

Between the US and the UK, there are these things called Regions, which are special mumbo-jumbos that basically only let you watch certain DVDs in certain areas, or however the machine is coded to say. Some of these players however, are hackable -- enabling you to watch any DVD from any region just fine. Video quality usually varies from player to player, but I believe that this machine I will show you will allow you to watch those Region 2 DVDs I have linked to the right, along with your Region 1 DVDs.


Behold the CyberHome CH-DVD 300S Progressive-Scan DVD Player -- a technical marvel, no doubt. Available on at a rather cheap price of ~$30 and some change, this player, when hacked, will allow you to view any DVD you will find on this site, and any others that may interest you.

Ok, so how do I hack it? you ask. Easy. Simply head over to the good folks over at VideoHelp and browse the instructions many people like yourself have posted and confirmed as working. With a few presses of the remote, you'll be watching Spaced, manstrokewoman, the soon to be released Hyperdrive Series 1, and in June -- the Hot Fuzz 2-disc DVD.

If you decide to take the plunge and see for yourself if this really works, feel free to e-mail me a testimonial and I will post it for all to see. OR, should this whole ordeal prove too cumbersome or difficult, you should also be aware that if your PC has a DVD drive on it (DVD-ROM, DVD-RW), you can simply pop it in there and change the region code on it, but be wary -- you can only do this so many times before your PC's DVD drive stays that way, forever.
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