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Hot Fuzz Post-Mortem

Postby Thomas » Wed Mar 28, 2007 12:04 am

Simon, Nick and Edgar at Chicago's Hot Fuzz Screening

Having just arrived back from Chicago, I'm completely wrecked (I did other things there, you know!). However, the major highlight was seeing Hot Fuzz, and in my opinion, completely passes Shaun of the Dead. There are some minor nitpicks of course, I felt that it took its sweet time building up to the climax, but once it hits there, it's all an adrenaline rush from start to finish. Reading around prior to seeing this, people told me that this was "Nick's movie", but after seeing it, I'm inclined to say that I would disagree with them.

Nick's there, his character is what you would expect - charming, lovable, and full of quips. But Simon's character stood out the most, especially when you just see Simon - the person - just beating the crap out of all these people. Having been watching these two since the creation of Spaced, it's just a whole new light to see Simon serious, and most of all, kicking ass. It's pulled off magnificently. There is one scene in the movie that I felt came across as a stab towards religion, it didn't bother me the slightest, but maybe others will come across the same as I interpreted it. The ending also left something to be desired. In Shaun, we got that "aww" moment, leaving for a memorable ending, but Hot Fuzz's felt dry.

Regardless, this movie is out in the UK, but when it hits in theaters April 20th, you absolutely must do your part to see this movie. It's simply amazing, I was hooked and into it, and the theater was pumping their fists and clapping their hands the entire time. This movie doesn't have much of a marketing push (you may have seen it in poster form or maybe a trailer during a movie), so this movie will have to ride off the word of mouth of us, the fans. Let's make it happen.

Today is also Nick Frost's birthday! Should you come across him (or are him), then be sure to wish him to have a good one and take it easy. Unfortunately, I couldn't set something up this year, but I made sure to wish him one directly at the Q&A after the movie, and you should too (if you're attending a future screening coming up).

THIRD, the manstrokewoman Series 1 DVD is finally out! Head over to the right there, and click the flag below the DVD boxart and be sure to order your copy! I'm rather excited to get mine. For the uninitiated, manstrokewoman could best be explained as Nick Frost's Big Train, in the sense that it is him and a fellow cast doing various sketches. It probably shouldn't be compared to Big Train for potential arguments, but that is the best thing I can come up with. Either way, it's worth a purchase, since you're on this site anyway.

Having run this site for going on 3 years now, it was simply amazing to finally meet the man himself. It's movies and moments like this that make me proud and happy to run a site and promote him, he's worth every bit of webspace and money out of my pocket (to run this site, silly). I will be running this site for as long as I can, or until he decides that he's sick of me plastering his face everywhere. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of each other in the near future.
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