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Postby Buddy » Fri Apr 11, 2008 11:57 pm

Heroes return doesn't include Origins
Three-hour return event scheduled for September 15; spin-off canned to keep focus on original series.

Good news and bad news for Heroes fans. Good news first: Heroes, as everyone knows, is coming back...but what people didn't know is that it's coming back big, according to NBC-owned SciFi.com.

The return for the superhero saga has been set for September 15, but here's the kicker--it's going to be a three-hour event. The season three premiere will be preceded by a one-hour "clip show" catching people up on the first two seasons/volumes, and the premiere itself will be a two-hour episode, which NBC TV exec Ben Silverman calls a "massive two-hour Heroes film."

It was previously revealed that "Chapter Three" would be subtitled "Villains," and focus on ordinary people with extraordinary abilities who use their new found powers for the not-so-good.

Now for the bad news. The proposed stand-alone Heroes spin-off Heroes: Origins is officially dead--for now. Originally designed to expand the Heroes universe while the show was white-hot, Origins was slated to have guest directors and tell stories of new heroes, one of which would eventually be folded into the regular show.

"We were taxing our creative team to do too much around that," Silverman said at the NBC upfront presentation to advertisers in New York yesterday. "We wanted 35 Heroes [episodes] and 12 Heroes: Origins, each of which was supposed to be a mini-movie and backdoor pilot. We reached far and challenged our people, and we decided it was better to focus on keeping the Heroes mothership as strong as possible."

In the meantime, Heroes fans can fill their time thinking about which recently announced Heroes action figure they want to buy.
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